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Mom eats free at our Mother's Day brunch when accompanied by a regular priced guest.  Yes you read that right- any mom that comes with a regular priced guest on our mailing list gets to eat for free at our special Mother's Day event.  That's 2 dinners for under 20 dollars!  It doesn't matter if mom comes with child, husband, sibling, or friend.  We are also offering a free mom dinner with a regular priced guest to anyone that signs up for our newsletter email, so tell your friends!  We want to make new friends! This weekends dinner will be open for extended hours. We begin the festivities at 10 am and  will be serving up until 8 pm

Steve will be preparing special menu items for the special day such as pork loin roast with apples and vegetables and baked salmon with herbs. There are many special items on the menu not normally available.  Read below for complete details and the full menu, we hope to see you there and please share!



Spicy Potato Salad
Mexican Bean Salad
Beet and Potato Salad
Broccoli Potato Salad
Tortellini Salad
Quinoa-Kale Salad
Vegan Spinach Salad (made to order)
Fruit Salad
Mesclun Greens,and Salad Fixings


Butternut Squash Soup
Creamy Spiced Fish Soup

Main Course

Herb Turkey with Dressing
Pork Loin Roast with Apples and Vegetables
Baked Salmon with Herbs
Lentil Roast
Rosemary Tofu
Cheese and Vegetable Enchiladas
Spicy Turkey Mole
Grilled Chicken Green Supreme (Cooked to Order)
Cheese Chile Rellenos (Cooked to Order)
Your Choice Eggs or Omlette (Cooked to Order)
Eggplant Parmesan
Scalloped Potato Casserole
Waffles or Pancakes
Crepes with Fruit Toppings


Home Fries or Hash Browns (Cooked to Order)
Bacon or Sausage (Cooked to Order)
Roasted Vegetables
Asparagus with Garlic and Lemon
Balsamic and Olive Oil Braised Brussels Sprouts

Bean Bar: Gallo Pinto (Rice and Beans), Pink Beans, Black Beans

Assorted Cheeses


Our Own Artisan Raspberry Ice Cream
Assorted Berry Pies
Masa Cake


Apple Cider
Black Currant Juice
Berry and Other Assorted Teas
Coffee (regular and decaf)

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