Dark Chocolate Bars:

These indulgent artisan chocolate bars are available with either 53% or 70% dark chocolate covertures. (The 53% is our stock item.) Berries are available freeze-dried or infused with grape concentrate as noted. Nuts are raw unless otherwise stated. Fruit and nuts are chosen for intense flavor and pleasing combinations. Each bite will give a mouthful of the fruit and nuts that you crave. Bars are packaged in attractive compo-stable materials.   Flavor combinations in stock (other custom options available):

Strawberry pistachio       (Freeze dried fruit)

Black currant pine nut    (Infused fruit)

Blueberry walnut            (Freeze dried fruit)

Raspberry pecan            (Freeze dried fruit)

Cranberry almond          (Infused fruit)

Aronia almond                (Infused fruit)

Dark Chocolate Dipped Fruit: These are delectable and and natural, dried fruits dipped approximately 2/3 in dark chocolate, either 53% or 70% dark chocolate covertures. Fruit has received standard sulfur treatment to preserve texture, moisture, and to prevent oxidation. Non-sulfur fruit can be requested as a special order. Fruit is packed 3 or 5 pieces per bag.

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