The New Wave of Mixology: Micosta’s Fine, Natural Syrups

Micosta Enterprises is very proud of the new line of syrups that was launched this year. New bottles, new labels, and amazing color and flavor, that’s the commentary of our customers. What a line-up of flavors, many of them difficult to find in the mainstream selection of sugar-based syrup. These syrups give mixologists nine options to add to their creative blends. These syrups have short ingredient lists: grape syrup, and the berry or flower that is infused. The infusion process is gentile, and that way flavor, color, and nutritional characteristics are preserved. Some natural fiber is left in the syrup, which is good for health.

These syrups bring to the bar new options for both alcoholic and non-alcoholic blends. The lineup includes: aronia, black currant, red currant, blackberry, red raspberry, black raspberry, elderberry, blueberry, and lilac flower. Some nice blends to can make are red raspberry with aronia, or blueberry with aronia. Black currant with aronia is also nice. Elderberry goes well with lime. These syrups are ready to blend with still water, seltzer water, and teas. Serve over crushed ice with a twist of lime. They can also be substituted for other syrups in traditional mixed alcoholic beverages.

Color and flavor are intense in these syrups. In fact, aronia and black raspberry have been used as traditional edible, natural bases for dyes and food coloring Micosta’s aronia syrup has a reddish-purple color. Black raspberry, elderberry, and black currant are deep purple. Red currant and red raspberry have a nice red color.

Remember that besides using for drinks, the Micosta syrups have other culinary uses. Desserts such as ice creams and cakes are enhanced with these flavors. Yogurt and smoothies also benefit. Salad dressings and main dishes are made elegant with the syrup. The only limit is your creativity.

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