Natural Blueberry Syrup and Blueberry Raisins

One of Micosta’s favorite groups of products is that of blueberries. Micosta grows a portion of the blueberries used to make their syrup and dried product. The Northeast climate and soil are ideal to produce a superior quality product. Flavor, shape, color and size are all ideal. With a little acidification of the soil and some supplemental irrigation one can easily produce this healthy, great-tasting fruit.

dried blueberry fruit

Micosta uses a low temperature infusion process to achieve the best tasting syrups and dried blueberry fruit. No white sugar is used in the process, just 100% fruit concentrate and a little bit of heat. The fruit and syrup are separated after the process and the fruit is gently dried to a consistency of grape raisins. The blueberry syrup is heated a bit more and bottled in a hot-pack process to make a shelf-stable retail product. Both glass and plastic PET containers are used to bottle the product.

Customers are then left with two great products that have multiple culinary uses, the syrup and the raisins. The raisins are great in cereals, salads, dressings, baked goods, yogurt, and sauces for hot dishes. Blueberries Syrup is great over yogurt, ice cream, or cake. It can also be splashed into sauces and dressings or combined with still water or seltzer for a fine thirst-quenching beverage. Alcoholic beverages also benefit from this tasty syrup.

Health benefits of blueberries have been in the news for years now. Even though their antioxidant content may be lower than that of aronia, sea buckthorn, or black currants, it is higher than that of many other fruits and vegetables. The original publications out of Tuft’s University caused quite a stir across the nation and increased dramatically the demand for this fruit. Those studies linked high-antioxidant food to slowing aging and helping to prevent diseases. Integrating more fruits and vegetables, and products made with them into the diet is recommended by nutritional experts.

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