Mixology using fruit juice – a new trend in the world of juice

Mixology using fruit juices can pack a wholesome complement of nutrients in the delicious beverage creations. The juices do not contain any added flavors, sweeteners, colors or preservatives, only hundred percent fruit juice diluted to taste.

Mixology using fruit juices

Vancouver-based dietitian Vesanto Melina says that as fruits are juiced, liquid separates from the fiber, producing a concentrated blend of color and flavor as well as minerals and phytochemicals that are better absorbed than from the raw food which is not juiced. The final fruit juice consumable product can be made from single strength juice i.e by pressing, infusion, or with concentrates and then the juice is adjusted accordingly by diluting with water. Concentrates and single strength juice can be kept frozen or heated and pasteurized to be shelf-stable and stored until ready to use.

Micosta’s fruit juices are made from fruits especially rich in antioxidants. The line of assorted juices opens the possibility to unique, strong and simple flavors and creative touches for mixed drinks. The juice is made with ripe fruits, water, and grape concentrate.

The fruit juices are served with crushed ice, and a twist of lime along with a splash of sparkling water to complement the flavor and mouth field of an already awesome drink. This juice has been recognized by food lovers worldwide as a great choice for a high quality, nutritious fruit juice with great flavor, natural color and ingredients.

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