Micosta’s Aronia Products Growing Steadily in Popularity

Aronia is becoming recognized as a viable and very desirable super food in many countries of the world, including the US. I had the pleasure to visit some specialty food shops in Germany this week and find dried fruit, juice, and concentrate available. Inquiries from China and Japan have illustrated the existence of additional growing markets. Our own local coop food store has carried Micosta’s juice, and presently has uninfused, dried product. Many farmers have increased production in the Midwest and eastern part of the US, and growers are trying to expand markets.

aronia juice

Juice from aronia fruit has an earthy flavor and is great plain or blended. My favorite is to blend raspberry juice with aronia juice. The blend seems to have a synergistic explosion of flavor. The juice is great blended with lime juice and also with apple or blueberry juice. Consider the health benefits that have been promoted for years in Poland, and you will have even more motivation to drink this juice. Summer serving suggestion is over crushed ice with a twist of lime and mint leaves. Winter use could include serving the juice heated and mulled.

The syrup offers additional possibilities for culinary uses. First and foremost would be to consider blending with still and sparkling water. Many people now have seltzer machines, and the syrup Micosta makes is excellent as a healthy, colorful, and tasty option for flavoring the water. Alcoholic beverages benefit from the addition of this syrup for flavor and color. I like to add a splash of aronia syrup to “most pulp” orange juice to create an aronia sunrise, a glass of fortified orange juice. The syrup can also be used for desserts and main dishes to put a new approach to creating culinary delights.

Micosta’s infused dried aronia fruit is an excellent substitute for grape raisins. Scones, oatmeal, cookies and salads or main dishes can be enhanced and given an additional nutritional boost with this dried aronia.

Express your creativity with the options available through these excellent food products.


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