Hudson Valley Farmers’ Market and Micosta

Micosta Enterprises has earned a glowing reputation at the Hudson Farmers Market in Hudson, NY. The market has grown popular with local residents and the tourist crowd. Products offered are many and varied. Customers can find a complete selection of fruits, vegetables, herbs, baked goods, and other products. Micosta Enterprises is always present with juices and prepared food which people buy for their lunch, weekend menu, parties, and visitors. Micosta Enterprises also takes orders for food for parties/catering, and has the food available the day of the market.


Micosta Enterprises offers their fill line of juices and syrups. Juices are available by the cup for a dollar, and in 8 oz, 16 oz, quart, and half gallon quantities. The favorites are blackberry, black currant, and aronia. Customers have discovered the line of syrups for the summer to mix with the water they make with their soda streams, and also to be creative with their alcoholic drinks. 100% fruit  ingredients makes the syrups stand out as superior to those with artificial color and flavor, white sugar, and high fructose corn syrup.

Micosta’s line of prepared foods is varied and designed with healthy eating habits in mind. There is something for everyone, be it vegan or ovo-lacto vegetarian, gluten-free, or even meat dishes. Arturo’s chile chicken and chile salmon are among favorites with meat eaters. Mediterranean tofu, green Thai tofu and vegetables or beet salad are among vegetarian favorites. Asian, Mexican, Costa Rican, and local creations are found among the mix. Customers are given the option of ready-to-eat plates of food, wrapped paper bowls, and reusable plastic containers to carry away food. And price? Very reasonable. Salads and vegetarian food at $7 per pound, with chicken dishes at $8, pork at $9, and beef at $10 per pound. Come and see us! This is just a taste of what is to come when we open the restaurant.

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