Enter the new wave of Mixology with Micosta’s Fruit Syrups

“Drinks are served”, are they make any afternoon or evening a delight. Syrups of all kinds are used commonly to create an array of tasty beverages, which can be classified as a cocktail or a mocktail, depending on the drink’s alcohol content. That being said, the ingredients other than alcohol, including fruit syrup give the beverage distinctive flavor and character. Using Micosta’s fruit syrups in your mixology scheme allows you to create unique concoctions with all natural ingredients, enhancing flavor elimination all the synthetics such as artificial color and flavorings, and preservatives which are added. No white sugar is added either.

mixology fruit syrup

Innumerable creative drinks are achieved using Micosta’s fruit syrup. The unique number of blends is only limited by one’s imagination. Beverages created with the syrup include adding fruit syrup to hard liquor for flavor and color, to the sweet tea or lemon tea, and even just to sparkling or still water… the possibilities are endless. Micosta Enterprises manufactures syrups with simple characteristic flavor to provide a building block for more complex blends including herbs, spices, and other natural flavored.  Simple flavors become distinct concoctions result in from the use of Micosta’s fruit syrup for modern mixology. The result is to have elegant drinks with extravagant flavor, a specials cocktail from the mixology master who is you. With the simplest of the ingredients, you can make outstanding drinks as you improvise to please your taste, and take the liberty to make combinations please your, and surprise other’s palates. No more repeated generic drinks as served to you, at every bar.

Micosta’s fruit syrups raise the standard in the market place because they are bursting with distinct, clean flavors that please the palate with the first sip. Give your taste buds the opportunity to savor these true flavors. Micosta Enterprises strives to satisfy the thirst of every fruit juice lover, by providing a natural product which will impress every individual at your party and make your drinks the thing which will impress every individual at your party and make your drinks the thing which everyone will talk about for days to come.

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