Enjoy Drinking The Natural Fruit Juices From Micosta

Micosta is the best choice for high quality and nutritious fruit juices with finest flavors. Drinking the natural fruit juice is good for health and contains fruits that have been shown to support a healthy immune system. Helping you to live healthy is one of our main priorities and our juice is one of those options to achieve that objective. The Fruit Juices by Micosta have been prepared with natural ripe fruits, grape concentrate, and water….hand crafted with great flavor to give you the healthy drink.Fruit Juices california usa | Micosta Enterprises

  • There is no sugar added in the recipes as the juices are sweetened with grape syrup and somethings with natural non-caloric sweeteners.
  • Each bottles are filled with 100% natural healthy drinking ingredients.
  • People with all ages can drink the fruit juices for avoiding the dehydration in the body.
  • The beverages are recognized worldwide for their great flavor, natural healthy ingredients and color.

Amazing Fruit Juices Flavors:

The Fruit Juices are delicious to drink served with crushed ice. A twist of lime along with a splash of sparkling water can give added character to an already delicious drink. One of the  Fruit Juices produced in the Hudson Valley, NY contains aronia juice, grape concentrate, and citric acid to adjust the pH naturally, Fruit Juice is unfiltered and it contains some natural healthy fiber sediment. The handcrafted juice is shelf stable and formulated according to a safe process approved by Cornell University. Discover a world of flavor with Micosta.

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