Black Currants for Great Flavor and Good Health

Black currants can easily be integrated into your diet for the pleasure of a taste treat, and for good health. The fruit can be integrated into ones diet in a number of ways. Although fresh market currants that are palatable, and edible out of hand have been developed, they are not easily available in local markets. Your best bet is to look for juice, syrup, and dried fruit as an easy way to integrate these fruits into your diet. Research has shown that gentle processing can release beneficial antioxidants that may not otherwise be available with fresh fruit.

black currant for great flavor and good health
Micosta offers black currant syrup which has great color and flavor. It is versatile in its uses. First, it can be used to prepare alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. With the increasing popularity of seltzer machines, this is a great option for flavoring. No artificial flavor, white sugar or coloring is added.  The sweetness of the beverage will depend upon how much syrup you add. Micosta will be offering a three-pack of 16 oz syrups in PET plastic bottles, which is great for use with seltzer or in one’s home bar. Don’t forget the culinary uses of the syrup: desserts, dressings, sauces, toppings, and more. Micosta syrups are also available in elegant glass bottles appropriate for gifts.
Micosta’s black currant juice is a taste treat ready to drink from the bottle. It is packaged in 16 oz PET bottles, and also is available at the Hudson Farmers’ Market in 32 and 64 oz sizes. This juice is great served over ice on a hot day. A twist of lime adds a nice touch. Of course the juice can be blended with other juices according to your creativity.
Dried black currants are another taste treat that can be substituted for grape raisins. Micosta offers dried currants infused with grape concentrate. These are real currants, not to be confused with z ante currants, which are actually grape raisins.

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