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Welcome to Micosta Enterprises – an online market place. Micosta brings a world of flavor to our communities naturally and healthfully without sacrificing enticing flavors.  We specialize in many items with a large focus on using high antioxidant berries to make hand crafted food products that you can consume with confidence!

Micosta’s founder, Steven McKay, has been involved in agriculture all his life and has had the opportunity to travel and work around the world. A teacher of vocational agriculture in California, and an extension educator for Cornell, he has been teaching youth and adult innovative and sustainable approaches to agriculture. Working with colleagues in Europe, Steven had an impact on introducing ribes, aronia, and sea buckthorn in the US. He has worked domestically and in Latin America to develop elderberry production and products.

McKay has supported local farmers by helping to choose new crops for various locales, and improving production techniques. Work in Latin America, the Caribbean, Africa, Micronesia, and Southeast Asia has been a part of his career. He has helped to develop export activities in these areas as well as programs to increase local consumption.

In Micosta, McKay has adopted production techniques to preserve flavor, color, and nutrition while conserving energy and processing with minimal waste. This is key to the quality of products made available.

For wholesaler, If you've been looking for unique products to offer your customers, then consider the range that is offered by Micosta Enterprises. Our wholesale specialty food products have gained fame at the Hudson Farmers’ Market and beyond. They can be a valuable addition to any natural or specialty food market.

How it started ?

Micosta was born when McKay lived in New York City. He had recently returned from living in Costa Rica where he helped develop lettuce, herb, and tomato production projects. While in Costa Rica, he had developed a number of specialty baked goods, a unique salad dressing and a number of prepared foods he sold in small cafes. He also developed a relationship with a dried fruit company that wanted to export dried banana, pineapple, and mango.

McKay convinced his new boss in NYC when he arrived there that he should import some of the dried fruit for sales in the city. This project had mixed success, and McKay took a new job with Cornell Cooperative Extension in 1996 as a fruit educator. He won a number of grants for the development of less popular berries such as ribes, sea buckthorn, elderberry, and aronia.

At the same time, he began expanding the scope of Micosta to develop processed products using the new berries. Syrups, dried fruit, yogurt, ice cream, sorbetto, and others joined the mix. Over the years, McKay began to expand production, and he and his partner Arturo Duran built a commercial kitchen and grew the business.

What we do ?

Micosta Enterprises focuses on making natural specialty food products using as many local ingredients as possible; “Great local food with an international flare.”  “Discover a world of flavor with Micosta” as you try our unique syrups, juices, chocolates, yogurts, frozen desserts, and other products.

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